Growing up with my Dad and Step Mother owning a Photography Business and having children that were active in many different activities, my love and talent of the Art of Photography just continued growing through my life.  In the beginning of my career 25 years ago, Sports Photography is where most of my skills have been pushed to overcome many obstacles. Senior Portraits, Weddings and Marketing photography are my grass roots where I learned to use a camera and the business of photography which I enjoy capturing those moments so they last a lifetime.

I am thankful to my loving wife, MaLissa, who has been very supportive in giving me the time necessary to follow my passion (obsession) in photography. I am also a very proud parent to some really great children Matt, Alex, Ian, KaLissa and Michael. Finally I would like to give thanks to all of the past and present clients and schools for your support over the years. Thank you!

It is the photographers’ eye that captures the moment not the camera. 


Mike Schutt